8 March 2014

Goodwood 72nd Member's Meeting - The Entry List is published.

"We are all very excited about the prospect of seeing Tiff in your Rover, so I’m pleased to introduce you two here – albeit electronically!"  So ran the introduction to my co driver as performed by Jack Tetley, the Motorsport Competitions Secretary for the GRRC.  Well I'd better get my racing head on otherwise Tiff is going to be presented with a bit of a challenge if we are to finish anywhere reasonable! 
The full entry list for all of the races at the event can be found here and what a fantastic entry it is.  Of course a large number of cars in the Gerry Marshall Trophy will be replicas but I hope they are faithful to the regulations.  Of the original cars on the grid there are two Rovers (one ex works, one Patrick Motorsport), two Dolomites (one ex works and one a privateer raced by Hamish Irvine).  Two RX7s of which one is apparently the Spa 24hrs winner from 1981, driven in that race by Tom Walkinshaw and Pierre Dieudonne.  I'm also led to believe that Gerry Marshall's Group 1 Vauxhall Firenza has been restored and will be co piloted by his son Gregor.
Then there is the restored John Morris Golf GTi being raced by John's son, Jim.
We're still a bit away from completing the car, in fact the engine goes in next week, but no matter what, none of this could have happened without the sterling efforts of Ken Clarke.  With special thanks to John Eales for engine magic and David Axisa for the bodywork.
Will post some progress pictures later this month but I know we are all seriously looking forward to this event.

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