10 October 2013

The Rover, an update

It's been a while since I wrote about the progress of the Rover, mainly because; there's been a whole racing season, in which I failed to take part; a different job with a move to Dubai; and, not much has happened.

However I'm pleased to say that things are now moving rather swiftly.  The plan is to have the car ready for testing in February next year.  With that schedule in mind, David Axisa at Paulerspury coachworks has finished the bodywork repairs and the car is now off to be dipped and primed, ready for the paint scheme.

These are a few of the photos taken by David during the repairs © Paulerspury Coachworks.

In addition, JE Developments is providing a works gearbox and the engine build, due to be completed by end November this year.  Suspension components are being repaired, re made etc.

Now, where did I put my bank manager's phone number?

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