23 July 2013

FISCAR Fliers 50s Sports Car Racing Elva Mk1B for Sale

This was posted by John Turner on 10/10s

This is a picture of an Elva, not the car in question.

"Ok, it's an advert but not mine to sell but I have a real interest in seeing this sold to a good home since it is absolutely the sort of car we are looking for for the FLIERS. I realise it is not likely that it could be completed for our first race in Autumn but I have an eye on the longer term. So here we go - a car with provenance and currently in the custody of someone (Roger Dunbar) who knows and appreciates Elvas and their histories:- 

The ELVA Mk.1B is dated 1957; built for the '57 Autosport Championship series, driven initially by Pat Fergusson and campaigned regularly by next owner G. Donald Hill (many entries listed) as shown page 79 of the Elva book. Chassis ID #32; road registration # 796 DRB; have old logbook etc etc. Originally powered by ELVA IOE converted Ford 100E and Elva conversion comes with the car as does the rare Wooler remote for the Ford gearbox. Much work undertaken but just too many Elva projects taking up time. Car completely dismantled; and chassis checked and repainted in correct Elva period colour; then aluminium panels replaced (under tray, footwells etc.) by the craftsman who undertook the work back in 1957! Has the original Ashley Laminates (Falcon) body shell which has been prepared and repainted in a nice racing green. History file and umpteen pictures so absolutely ideal for the 1950's race series. Can provide much more info if needed. This historic car needs to be out racing again and so very reluctantly offered to another good home. Price to be negotiated. Contact roger@elva.com or call on 07976234470."

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  1. Axctually, I've just realised the picture is the car in question. :)