2 March 2013

Progress Report Group 1 Rover 3500S

Not too much to report this month.  Ken has stripped the car and it will go for a new rollcage.  It needs this because the MSA has tightened up the rules on these things and the configuration of the original is no longer permitted.  You can see from this picture that the rollcage runs quite close to the pedals.
Footwell and pedal box
And this is the existing rollcage as raced in 1982.

Going back to the previous report, I suggested that this car may have been converted to French Touring Car regs for Rene Metge in 1983.  It appears that his car was Chassis No 2(?) built by TWR and was, in fact, a Group A car.  This chassis is also being restored to its former glory and will no doubt be out on the tracks around the same time as mine.  The theory therefore, is that my car was sprayed up in Marlboro colours (which can be seen all over it) and was used as a display car after it finished its racing life.  As with any car of this type and age the history becomes clouded, to say the least.  So I hope there is someone out there who can add to the information that John has given me and the background he explained back in January.  

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