14 November 2012

Is this au revior or goodbye?

In 1995 I had a massive accident in my Mk2 Capri.  It was at Cadwell Park and I ran out of brakes at the end of Park Straight.  Needless to say the damage was substantial and I needed a replacement car!  That was April 9th.  A week later I was visiting my late father in Frimley and there, in front of his neighbour's house was a Mk 3 Capri!

I discovered that it was an MOT failure so offered £50.00 for it and returned the next day with a trailer and took it home.  During the next five weeks a friend and myself, built it into what we thought would be a competitive Gp1 car.  Along the way my trailer had been stolen so I bought a new one.  Then my trailer was found so having bought a new one I sold the old one.

The car was entered at Thruxton on 31st May so it was with some relief that we turned up at all let alone ran the car.  Its brakes were not good and it had a collapsed damper, but we raced it and didn't finish last.

All that seems a long time ago but I guess 17 years is a long time really.  However since those days, the car has won its class on many occasions, it's been developed to a high standard and has bespoke suspension, very good brakes and is generally pretty quick, although I confess with my lack of seat time and trying to get used to new tyres,which changed the gearing, it hasn't looked exactly quick this year.  Nonetheless it still managed 3.06 at Spa and indeed after reflecting on my driving it could have been at least three secs quicker!

But now sadly it is time for us to part.  I hope whoever buys it will keep it running and indeed I hope it brings as many smiles to the new owner's face as it has to mine.  Obviously it needs bodywork repair after the Spa accident but these are being carried out after Christmas so it will be in pristine condition for the new owner.

Anyone interested can contact me via my website www.mallettracing.co.uk

I'll put it on e bay in December. :(

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