17 September 2012


Those are the figures for the Baby 360 2 hrs endurance race at Brands Hatch 16 September 2012.  Out of 30 entries, 29 started and were still running at the one-hour mark.  There were 22 finishers at the two-hours mark as shown by TSL Timing.

Well done to all concerned and especially the club chairman Claire Smith because this is the first race she has entered since gaining her licence!.  Claire and John Smith (CoC for the race) are the organisers of the club and got the whole thing running three years ago.  The baby 360 seems to have hit the spot, with cars such as BMW M3, Mazda MX5, Beetle Fun Cup and even Nissan 370GTs entered.

Congratulations to all who entered and a big hand to those who finished.

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