2 May 2012

Welcome to May 2012

I went for my usual walk to Starbucks for my lunchtime coffee today.  The weather was sunny, it was a balmy 40c and there was very little dust.  Contrast that to the stories we get on the news about the drought stricken flooded UK. 

Anyway tonight (Wednesday 02 May 2012) at approximately 23:20 I shall be sitting in my seat on BA124 bound from Doha via Bahrain, due to arrive in London Heathrow at around 06:30am Thursday morning.  Then in the afternoon I shall head off to Snetterton with the Capri for Friday testing.  In advance of the third running of the 360 MRC 6hrs of Snetterton.

For those who may not be aware, this event developed from a discussion on www.ten-tenths.com when it was suggested that there were no endurance style events for the ordinary clubman (differentiating between historic club racers and the more modern club racer).  So, in August 2010 Claire Smith and John Smith, both MSA registered officials, promoted the first 360MRC 6hrs race.  Although the beginnings were humble (sadly only 8 cars), the racing was good and the entrants all enjoyed themselves.  Undaunted by the lack of entries, the Smiths ran the second event in May last year and added a sprint race to the day. 

There were more entries for this second running but still not what we all hoped, however, not to be beaten the event is running again on 5th and 6th May, now a two day meeting.  There are more cars on the 6hrs grid and there are four HRDC grids plus the 45mins sprint race that dare not speak its name and the Stratstone Aston Martin 30min sprint for those with a bit of spare time on their hands.

Of course there is the inevitable calendar clash and again this year the HSCC has its Donington historic Festival on the 5th and 6th May.  The MG Car Club is out to play at Brands Hatch Indy on the 6th, so a busy weekend for the spectator and amateur racer alike.

This year, due to other commitments, the 6hrs is out for the Capri, so I hope that unfettered by the need to preserve brakes etc. we will go a bit faster than the last two times.  Ken Clarke will bring the MG on Friday so that we can race in the HRDC MGB50 30 mins race and the 360 Oxxxxxx Breakfast Sprint in the Capri.  It seems that my races are running consecutively so I hope I get time to jump between the cars!  That should be entertaining enough for many of you!

If you can make it to Snetterton to support what is an amazing achievement in UK club motor sport, please make sure you come and say hello.  Otherwise, wherever you go to play, or watch, I hope you enjoy the racing as much as I expect we will.

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