10 May 2012

Motorsport Prints

The world of classic and historic racing is full of large organisations, from the auction houses; H&H, Silverstone Auctions, Brooks etc. to preparation companies such as Crosthwaite and Gardiner and SH Motorsport to name but two.  However the sport is also supported by many and varied enthusiasts who, in many cases rely on their hobby as a business.

One such enthusiast is John Turner.  John has been a long time follower of motorsport and recently became the chairman of the Fifties Sportstcar Racing Club (FISCAR).  Before that he played a part on the committee of the Aston Martin Owner's Club, so he is no stranger to historic motorsport.  In 2006 John decided to team up with Andrew Kitson the motorsport artist and provide a selection of prints taken from historic events to the general public.  He set up Turnstyle Prints  which is an on line ordering service for the prints selected by John for limited runs.

If you have a passion for historic motorsport and room on your walls for a print or two, John's website is worth a visit.  You may find the ideal gift for friends or family, or indeed something you'd like to hang on your own wall.  I did.

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