6 April 2012

Happy Easter-Historic Motorsport in April

 Photograph by Steve Jones

Donington 18 March

Well, I have to say that my first event with the HSCC at Donington on the 18th March was refreshingly enjoyable.  The atmosphere in the paddock was good, with people wandering around chatting about their cars, my car, other cars etc.  As a first event of the season to have 300 cars on track throughout the weekend was an acheivement in itself.  For my part, having totally misunderstood the starting info (I thought we were having a rolling start) I was a bit late getting off the line when the lights went out!  Nonetheless we went quicker in the afternoon, had an almost race long dice with an Elan and came home fourth in class.  Both car and driver will get quicker!

Also worthy of note was the attitude of the circuit staff.  Thank you to them and of course Christopher Tate the new MD who knows a thing or two about keeping cudtomers happy.

So, what's on this month?

6th/7th/8th/9th April

Well to start with on 7th and 8th April there's the CTCRC running all of its championships on the Snetterton 200 with the BARC here is the timetable.  Here you'll see everything from Ford Anglias and Cortinas to Nissan Skylines and Holden Commodores. 

Then over the weekend at Nogaro there's the Trophio Nastro Rosso run by the Peter Auto organisation details are here.

On Sunday the 8th the MG Car Club heads to Donington.  This event also includes the opening round of the FISCAR series.  Worth a look for those who enjoy fifties sportscars.  Details here.

Monday the 9th sees the opening meeting for the HRDC, quite a large entry for this club and at Castle Combe one of the best club racing circuits in the UK.

15th/16th April

So that's Easter but the month rolls on with the Classic Sports Car Club at Snetterton on 14th and 15th.  All the CSCC series plus a special grid of V8s.  Details of the weekend here.

The Tour Auto kicks off somewhere in France on the 16th and runs to the 21st. 

20th/21st/22nd April

The Masters Racing Organisation arrives at Barcelona on the 20th for the weekend details here.

Then there's the HSCC at Cadwell Park for the Wolds Trophy races on 21/22 April.  Details can be found here.

That's the calendar for the month.  My next outing is Snetterton 300 for the 360 MRC weekend on May 6th/7th, where we have the Capri in the Olympic Breakfast Sprint and the MG in the HRDC MGB 50 series.  Going to be a busy weekend. 

Happy Easter.

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