29 February 2012

Entry Fees and cost/benefit

It seems that the fees charged by some (probably all) organisers are too much for some people.  Even to the extent that people don't wish to pay club membership fees but wish to enter races when they are conveniently located.  

The series that prompted these thoughts is the revitalised (if I may use that term) JD Classics series.  The idea is that original cars, built to Group 7, 1, 2 and A, from the period of touring car racing stretching from 1967 to 1986, should run in a series of 40/45 mins races at major events or on major tracks.  The revisions from last season are that faithful replicas are now encouraged to enter, thus hopefully increasing the grids and the spectacle.

But what is really upsetting to me is the attitude of people who either; a) don't have a suitable car; b) race in other series; or c) have a car but think the organisers should reduce the entry fees, why?  I've even had people suggest that if one race on a track is £XXX why is this one £XXX+?  I think that misses an important point.  It is feasible that the organiser of the entire event may well have a discounted arrangement for its series with the track owners, but this discount of course will not apply to guest series.  With that one exception, the fees for these races match those for entry to equivalent races (at the same track) with other organisers.

Surely the whole point is that; here is an initiative which for the sake of historic motorsport in general, should succeed.  It's moving away from the pre 66 era where the genre has been anchored for many years, and taking things on by recognising the influence these vehicles had on the general public.

My take on this, is one of pragmatism.  I like these cars; I race a replica Gp1 Capri and they are great fun.  I'm also currently fortunate that I can afford to enter one or two races.  Sadly prior commitments preclude me from entering more at the moment.  But if I couldn't afford to enter, or had no intention of doing so, I'd consider it rude in the extreme to complain about the cost.  

The driver's meeting is being held at 6pm on 14th March at the Saracens Head, Towcester. Food & refreshments are available from 6:30. Anyone who wishes to attend please inform Duncan Wiltshire at MRL.The meeting is scheduled to last until 9pm.


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