21 November 2011

Spirit of the Sixties/Crosslé Challenge 2012

The following post from Gwyn Pollard on Ten-Tenths Motorsport caught my eye today.

I'm pleased to announce that in 2012, BARC will be running a series of 40 minute double header races. Highly commended by all who raced last year, the Crosslé 9S Challenge is now to run alongside The Spirit of the Sixties.

As the name suggests, it's for sports racing and GT cars of the '60s, whether built in period or not, original spec or sympathetically modified, so long as they're within the spirit of the period. It will appeal to those who'd like to re-create the era's atmosphere and enjoy good racing and good fun. There's no requirement to comply with modern historic paperwork rules.

Owners of exciting eligible cars have already expressed an interest. These include the Elva Mk7, Lotus 23 and 26R, Ginetta G12, Sturgess, Nerus, Chevron B8, GT40 and Group 7/CanAm cars.

Organised on a not for profit basis by the Crosslé Owners Group, the races will be extremely good value, with a 30 minute practice and two 40 minute races per event, and a pit stop to encourage shared drives. Entry fees will average about £550.

Dates and venues are tba, it's hoped towards the end of December or early January.

So if you're up for it, visit the COG website -
http://www.crossleownersgroup.com/?page_id=468 - for provisional regs and to register your interest. It should be a lot of fun.

Not sure about some of the cars mentioned here because they (e.g. Chevrons) are well catered for by the HSCC.  However this sounds like a good initiative and I hope it gets good grids.  80mins racing for £550 represents pretty good VFM these days.

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