31 January 2010

360 Motor Club - Announces Regs

A bit more info. concerning the 360 Motor Club's inaugural 6hrs race.  The regs are HERE.  15 August 2010 at Snetterton.  The idea is for a self financing apoproach so deposits need to be sent pretty soon.

A lot of scope for cars that could be built to CTCRC Grp 1 or Post historic regs. Likewise MGCC Class B BCV8 which also includes Thourobreds.  Both of these would then fit either Swinging Sixties or Future Classics classes in CSCC.

So a car can be built for this event and then used regularly in either of those clubs (check the official regs though). Also as far as the Grp 1/Post Historic touring cars are concerned they fit into Masters Stars of the Seventies too.

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