30 December 2009

MGCC Thoroughbred Sportscars

For those of us that like to see historic cars being raced but are not necessarily interested in period correctness, then Thoroughbred Sportscars may be the championship for you.  The cars are an eclectic mix of mildly modified production sportscars and GTs such as Morgan, TR4/5/6 and MGB/C/V8 to kit cars such as Jaguar D Type replicas.  More information can be found at the website together with registration forms and a review of the various classes from the 2009 Championship.

Ther Championship has the advantage of running many of its rounds at MG Car Club events including that club's International Festival Weekend usually held at Silverstone.  By running with the MG Car Club the spectator has the opportunity to view historic and more modern machinery racing on the same bill.  A look at the drivers and cars demonstrates the diversity of ages and skills involved in the Championship.

Keep an eye on the website for the 2010 dates.

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