15 December 2009

360 Motor Club

Fancy some long distance racing in your classic racing car? 

Well if its a Saloon or GT and runs with the CSCC, CTCRC, MGCC (BCV8Classes A & B) and was built between 1968 and 1985, this website may well prove to be what you are looking for.  The name "360 Motor Club" refers to the promotion of a 6hour race.  A circuit in the UK has been identified and a date in August 2010 is proposed.

The idea is to self fund the race, in other words only running and admin costs will be taken from the entry fees.  Regs are in draft form but can be sought from the website and it is worth noting that teams of three drivers could make this a relatively low cost affair.

Give them a nudge and see what you can find out.

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